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dimension wall  2012
The Contemporary Paintings through the Curator's Eye / Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, 2012
Photo: OMOTE Nobutada



The wallpaper on the wall slowly swells and then melts away. The color of the melted pattern fills the room, little by little. This is no computer-generated special effect, the wall with the melting pattern was real. This combination of the room and the one-shot video allows the viewer to feel as if the "wall" was melting. Color becomes materiality, from 2D to 3D, and invades the room, as if it wants to prove how inaccurate our eyes watch the world every day.The "wall", which constructs our space, is melting, the room itself is melting.



dimension wall  2012
181×225cm, silicone resin, acrylic, tetron fabric, wood panel
LCD screen, video




scribble  2012
LCD screen, video, drawing on wall




city (Hamburg)  2014

video, inkjet print, LCD screen, drawing on wall



road (下街道 )  2016

video (2channel), inkjet print





dimension wall  2010
courtesy of Gallery Hisokawal




dimension room  2014
Hotel Granvia Osaka, courtesy of ART OSAKA Organising Commitee





dimension wall <W.M. (Rose)> 2014
68×56cm (1 pice size), silicone resin, acrylic, tetron fabric, wood panel



dimension #01 2005
49×59cm, photograph




dimension #04 2005
49×59cm, photograph




dimension #03 2005
49×59cm, photograph





dimension(table) 2007
25×130×90cm, mixed media



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